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Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

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What is it and why?

Most of us know that we need to be drinking a lot of water to be the healthiest we can be. Staying well hydrated is something that all health conscious people have had on their radar. In response, there have been tons of additives and unhealthy flavored waters on the market to make keeping up with water intake a little easier and more appealing.

Our Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is the next step up from flavor packets or flavored waters. It gives you the option of adding any fruit or vegetable you want, the flavor and vitamins you add will be straight from their natural source, keeping your water healthy, and foregoing the additives and sugars in flavored drinks.

The Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is a great way to keep hydrated at home or on the go! The bottle holds 650 ml and is available in 7 different colors.

Healthy benefits

  • Your body will be able to transport nutrients and oxygen better.
  • Your metabolism will get a nice boost. Drinking more fruit infused water will aid your body in released excess fat cells.
  • You’ll look younger, as your skin will be much softer, and smoother.
  • Food will digest easier.
  • You’ll recover from workouts at a faster rate.
  • Read all the benefits of fruit infused water on our blog.


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Customer Reviews

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Love this bottle. This one was a gift for my mother ( I already have one of my own) and she loved the colour but also the amount of space for the fruit. Good solid construction and the bottle doesn’t leak even when turned upside down.


I was looking for a good infuser and I found it! I use this with strawberries, raspberries or whatever else I have lying around and it helps to make my water drinking more enjoyable and delicious. I bought one for myself, my husband and sister.


I waited quite a while and thought I would never get it. When I received my bottle I tried it out. Water, lemon slices and a couple of frozen strawberries. Yum, it works great. Love it. I take it to work everyday and make my drink and enjoy.


Just got my bottle a few days ago! Filled it with blackberries and pure alkaline filtered water. As the blackberries fused into the water, it turned a nice shade of lavender/purple! I loved telling everyone about my new bottle and how fun it now is to drink fruit flavored healthy water!!


I like the bottom part that can fill any fruits, it looks very appetizing. It makes me want to drink more water daily.